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Ritland Daily Ramble #17

Quote of the day
Civilization had too many rules for me, so I did my best to rewrite them.
– Bill Cosby

Return of one of the good guys


The man.

NBC announced that Bill Cosby is returning to prime time this fall. Fittingly, he’s playing the patriarch of a multi-generational family.

Cosby’s contribution to television and comedy is undervalued. He proves that it’s possible to be very funny without resorting to profanity and cheap, easy sexual jokes. His ‘80s sitcom combined entertainment and meaning in a way very few, if any, other TV shows ever have.

I’m excited at the idea of Cosby making a comeback but I’m also afraid that the network will somehow mess it up. There are no good sitcoms on network television right now. This is largely because networks assume all Americans are idiots and dumb down their programming accordingly. There may be a lot of idiots out there but they must not be that dumb because viewership of network sitcoms is at an all-time low.

If Cosby is given creative control of his show it has a chance to succeed, although perhaps his brand of subtle, intelligent humor will have trouble resonating with contemporary America. One thing is for sure, though: he’ll wear some kick-ass sweaters.

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Picture of the day


I hope I can find this somewhere in Minnesota…

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