Archive: Ritland Daily Ramble #26

Quote of the day
I’ve been perfectly enamored it’s true
But perfect doesn’t matter with you
– Sean McPherson

Summershine album
A couple weeks back I was downtown St. Paul to pick up a coffee for my brother. Since I had to waste $.75 on a meter I stopped by Eclipse Records. I went in just to browse and left with $50 worth of stuff, including the Cloak Ox LP that I reviewed a couple weeks back for Curious North and the new record from Twinkie Jiggles Broken Orchestra, Too Big to Fail.

I’ve dug Sean McPherson (also known as Twinkie Jiggles) and the band he’s bassist for, Heiruspecs, from the first time I saw them in 2003. He won my heart after the first time I heard him freestyle. Back then I was a music snob that thought rap was stupid. My friend Casey Carver introducing me to Heiruspecs was instrumental in opening my mind to how great it can be.

Too Big To Fail, McPherson’s debut album, is a lovely springtime album. It’s sunny, piano and horn-laden pop/rock is the perfect antidote for the long winter we’re in the midst of. Read my review for Curious North here.

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Picture of the day


I found this while googling “pigs in the dirt being funny” (for no reason). There’s a context for this but it’s funnier without one.

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Erik Ritland is a journalist ( and musician ( from Minnesota. Rambling On, his blog and podcast, has been releasing seriously fun content about sports, music, culture, and more since 2012. He has written and recorded almost 10 albums of unique rock n' roll/alternative rock/Americana since 2002.

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  1. Joe Harbin says :

    Hi, Erik. I wanted to provide some ways to get in touch.

    Joe Harbin
    651.767.0735 (home)
    612.382.7674 (cell — which I actually turn on sometimes)

    Let’s figure out a place to meet sometime.

    horticulture, n. You can lead a whore to culture but you can’t make her think. Dorothy Parker

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