Ritland Daily Ramble #10

Beyond conservative and progressive, the perils of contemporary capitalism, the disappearing of the middle class, Nostradamus, songs about the end of the world.

Quote of the day
The examined life is not worth the effort.
– Bizarro Socrates

R.R. Reno on Economics
As I was doubting whether anything was worth caring about R.R. Reno was writing about how everything is worth caring about. In my first reflection on his piece I comment on the intelligence of his liberal economic theory. Essentially, what today is called “capitalism” is killing the middle class and furthering the marginalization of the poor.

*                           *                           *

Another quote, more Chesterton.
On the same topic, here’s a typically perceptive quote from Chesterton:

The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected. Even when the revolutionist might himself repent of his revolution, the traditionalist is already defending it as part of his tradition. Thus we have two great types–the advanced person who rushes us into ruin, and the retrospective person who admires the ruins. He admires them especially by moonlight, not to say moonshine.

*                           *                           *

davinciPicture of the day
In 2010 I watched one too many documentaries about 2012 and the end of the world. It all seemed to make so much sense back then, you know? Many of the songs I wrote around that time were based around end of the world themes. For example, “Firelight” (Eden burns through the night/I see past the firelight) and, even more explicitly, “I Can See the End of Everything” (life will end with a thunder/it will happen soon).

This picture is from Nostradamus. There’s a lot of convoluted meaning behind it but I don’t remember it. Pretty foreboding though, eh?

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About Erik Ritland

Erik Ritland is a journalist (http://www.ramblingon.net) and musician (http://www.erikritland.com) from Minnesota. Rambling On, his blog and podcast, has been releasing seriously fun content about sports, music, culture, and more since 2012. He has written and recorded almost 10 albums of unique rock n' roll/alternative rock/Americana since 2002.

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